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INdigital was formed in 1995 by a group of Independent telephone companies who wanted to participate in the upcoming PCS spectrum auction. The FCC created this auction to provide an opportunity for companies to compete with the cellular industry. Over time, the radio spectrum sold in this auction transferred to the cellular providers, and alternative wireless services never developed.

INdigital started operating as a competitive local provider in the Allen County market area, serving small to medium sized business with integrated voice and data services.

The name INdigital (IN-digital) is a combination (or Portmanteau) of 'IN', the abbreviation for Indiana, and 'digital' meaning not-analog. A common mispronunciation of the name is in-digi-tel [emphasis incorrectly placed on the incorrect last syllable].

In the public safety sector, 9-1-1 began in 1967. AT&T had intended to implement the first 911 system in Huntington, Indiana, but did not. The nation’s first 9-1-1 system was implemented in Haleyville, Alabama February 16, 1968 by the Alabama Telephone Company. Weeks later, (March 1, 1968) basic 9-1-1 was implemented in Huntington, Indiana by AT&T. Huntington is the the home town of U.S. Rep. J. Edward Roush (served 1959-1969, 1971-1977), who sponsored legislation to adopt the three-digit number 911.

Beginning in 1988 and beyond, the use of cellular technology increased dramatically and the changes in consumer calling habits posed serious challenges for public safety. Then current 9-1-1 systems did not have the capability of providing the location information for cellular callers.

According to NENA (the National Emergency Number Association), the first wireless call with location displayed in the United States was made in Allen County, Indiana on March 31, 1998.

By mid 2009, there were 276.6 million wireless customers. Today, many 911 centers have ~70% of all E9-1-1 calls from wireless phones.

In 2004, INdigital Telecom was selected by the Indiana Wireless 9-1-1 Advisory Board to build a new E9-1-1 network. The company built a private, high speed IP network, the first large scale public safety network of its kind in the United States.

The project, known today as the IN911 network, uses IP connectivity, providing many of Indiana’s 911 local authorities and emergency service providers with an innovative platform for new types of emergency services. The network was built without the use of tax dollars, and is funded thru a 50 cent surcharge on wireless subscriber's bills. Pre-paid users contribute 25 cents to the operation of the network.

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