9-1-1 Equipment & Service:

MEVO (Message EVOlution)

The MEVO platform is a high value SIP based call taking platform that supports 9-1-1 and administrative telephone service. Built from the ground up to be reliable, and high availability, MEVO uses VoIP (voice over IP) technology, this platform can be custom designed for your PSAP, and can also be easily expanded to other satellite agencies.

MEVO comes in several different configurations. MEVOP (MEVO Emergency Operations) features call delivery through an INdigital i3 compliant network, and controls your agency costs. It can transfer 9-1-1 calls with ALI data to other agencies. The controller features built-in redundancy and disaster recovery call routing.

MEVO series 3 includes other high value features, such as:

  • radio headset integration
  • an integrated call recording recording system
  • an easy to use voice mail platform for administrative lines

MEVO series 5 adds these additional features:

  • an integrated call log and history portal that is browser based
  • full integration to the INdigital texTTY platform (SMS and real time text) non-voice service platforms.

Because MEVO is network based, it can easily be upgraded or adapted to new emerging standards and technologies.

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