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We have these job openings in our Fort Wayne, IN office:

How the INdigital job application process works

action response result
submit a resume or CV to jobs@indigital.net evaluation, e-mail follow up if qualified, you will have an e-mail discussion or phone call for follow up
non-selected candidates resume (CV) kept on file for 6 months, then returned  
proposed candidate (step 1) schedule an in-person interview with an ops person

part of the screening process screening requirements:

we are a 100% tested drug free workforce by Indiana executive order #5

a challenge background check and fingerprint enrollment is required for some positions

vetted candidate (step 2) if the position is for a team assignment, a work group team meeting is required step 2 of the candidate screening process
qualified candidate (step 3) spend-a-day INdigital requires that the candidate spend a day at the company to become acquainted with the company culture and work teams
selected candidate (final step) negotiated employment offer, candidate is issued an employment offer letter work assignment, on the job training and personal development begin

There are of course, variations to this general process, and the company is very fluid in how job tasks are assigned and work is allocated within the company.

We are in a continuously changing company, and almost no one is doing the same work they did at the time of hire.

Many people change roles and skill sets during their career. Many of the technical skills used by a person at INdigital become obsolete in 3 to 5 years as technology marches forward.

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