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Everyone's talking about text to the 9-1-1 agency, and several versions have emerged. NENA has defined some of the framework in abstract terms, but the details are a little sketchy.

INdigital has created an innovative text and Instant Messaging system designed to meet the needs of the speaking and hearing impaired. (and regular users too).

This emergency service platform is the third generation of our work, and is designed for public initiated emergency 'calls' when speaking is not an option.

These may include abduction, held in locked in a trunk of a car, held hostage, or hiding from an intruder. Key benefits of the platform include:

  • the location of the 'caller' is updated in near real time by GPS and network based location information
  • easy to use interface, with preference settings
    • choice of language preference
    • identify speaking or hearing limitations to the 911 center
    • control for release of personally identifiable information (PII), which is protected by preference settings
  • phone software that turns off the handset ringer to avoid detection
  • text to speech option for limited vision
  • user selectable text sizes (varies by phone)

with permission from the user, the 911 call taker can:

  • listen to audio from the mobile internet device
  • receive pictures from the caller
  • receive video from the caller (limited to certain handsets)
  • continue to track the user while the application runs in the background (limited to individual phone capabilities)

call takers can:

  • 'add-in' other call takers within their agency (or partner agencies)
  • open a voice path to other call takers and supervisors
  • create a CAD (computer aided dispatch) record of the T.IM session
  • login or logout of the call taking que
  • play back a T.IM session or pull up the log of the call and associated multi-media attachments
  • IM other call takers on a closed, secure network

This list is just part of the overall capabilities of the T.IM system. For more information, contact your INdigital account manager today and learn more...


As safeguard to backup the full T.IM platform, or for 911 agencies on limited implementation budgets, INdigital also offers an SMS based text service with location capability.

While not as full featured as our T.IM platform, the SMS-T911 platform has many of the features requested by modern by public safety agencies.

  • the 'caller' location is sent when the SMS-T911 session starts
  • all messages are between one caller and one call taker, minimizing mixed session confusion
  • the INdigital SMS-T911 network is optimized for multiple carrier networks, reducing message delivery times
  • easy to use call taker interface
  • full system logging and record keeping

SMS-T911 is an innovative solution for text to 9-1-1. For more information, contact your INdigital account manager today and learn more...

SMS-911 (using technology from Bell Canada)

Public Safety (PSAP) customers that receive ALI (automatic location information) service from INdigital have an additional choice in text to 9-1-1 service platforms. This service is an optional module to our T.IM and SMS-T911 products.

The benefit of this service is for customers that are likely to make a 9-1-1 text call in their home area. Customers enroll in the SMS-911 service offering, and their records are marked when they make a voice call to their local 911 center.

Their record is flagged to indicate that they are pre-enrolled in the SMS-911 service. The voice portion of the call allows the caller's location to be presented as a phase II call, and the SMS text 'chat' is an overlay to the voice call (requires a compatible mobile handset).

Users can enroll in the service by visiting a portal operated by INdigital in parallel with the agency's regular website.

SMS-911 is a way to support users that do not have mobile internet devices but still require the use of a text interface to initiate a request for public safety.

For more information, contact your INdigital account manager today.

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